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Business Ownership Demographics

According to recent data, there are 25.2 million small businesses in the U.S., divided into two primary categories: nonemployers and employers. Nonemployers are businesses without paid employees, mainly self-employed individuals operating unincorporated businesses. In contrast, employers are businesses with at least one paid employee. Nonemployers significantly outnumber employers, with 19.7 million nonemployers versus 5.5 million employers. The majority of both these categories, with 19.28 million nonemployers and 3.91 million employers, are U.S. born individuals.

The data also highlights the breakdown of firms and their receipts based on the owners' demographics. Firms are all establishments that produce goods or provide services for sale or barter. The total number of firms in the U.S. stands at 31.05 million, generating total receipts of $37.76 billion. Non-minority-owned firms dominate this landscape, representing 16.83 million firms and generating $846.3 billion in receipts.

Veteran Business Ownership

Veteran-owned firms, which play a crucial role in our economy, account for 1.42 million firms, contributing $59.3 billion in receipts. On the other hand, minority-owned firms, an essential part of the diverse U.S. business landscape, total 8.17 million and generate receipts amounting to $279.3 billion. Interestingly, the majority of these minority-owned firms and their receipts are attributed to white owners, with 19.99 million firms and $965.2 billion in receipts, respectively.

Business Ownership by Gender and Race

The data further explores the gender and race aspects of business ownership. Men own the majority of firms, totaling 17.39 million and generating $784.0 billion in receipts. Women-owned firms, predominantly nonemployers, account for 10.55 million firms, contributing $286.1 billion in receipts.

In terms of racial breakdown, white business owners dominate the field, owning 24.76 million firms and generating $12,647.0 billion in receipts. African American-owned firms, mainly nonemployers, total 2.95 million and contribute $65.6 billion in receipts. Asian-owned firms, primarily employers, account for 1.96 million firms, contributing significantly to the economy with $814.8 billion in receipts. Hispanic-owned firms, predominantly nonemployers, comprise 3.64 million firms, generating $129.6 billion in receipts.

Overall, the data underscores the diversity of the U.S. business landscape, reflecting various business ownership demographics, from veterans and minorities to gender and racial groups. It's a testament to the inclusivity and opportunities available in the U.S. business environment.

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